Golden Retrievers are the most popular dogs in the US

Hip dysplasia is a growing disease in younger dogs of virtually every breed. This can be a serious problem that will limit the physical activity of your Golden. Although many Golden Retriever owners don’t realize it, hip dysplasia is something that dogs inherit from their parents and gets worse with age.

As a loving Pet Parent, you will want to be aware of the signs to watch for with your beloved Golden Retriever dog.

The American Kennel Associations suggests:

Treating Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

  1. Exercise restriction, especially on hard surfaces.

May I add my thanks to those who just do this simple and safe thing and get a vaccine, wash their hands and wear a mask. I, too know people who have died from COVID.

Keep writing and I will keep reading.

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Hurrah for the honest advice. We do not need to say yes to everything. There will be other opportunities and choices along the way.

There is never a limit to new choices. But we need to remember that it is a choice and we get to choose our response.

Keep writing and I will keep reading.

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Ahh, yes, as a mom of a stillborn, I so understand. Grief is real and lasting. She died on Christmas morning and in the days leading up to Christmas forty years later, I am blue and spacey. Finally realized that my cells remembered, even when friends and family did not.

Blessings and keep writing and I will keep reading.

Fondly, Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Thank you for discouraging gossip. We have always told our children and grandchildren; "If they are gossiping about another with you, they will gossip about you with another. Walk away, they are toxic."

keep writing and I will keep reading.

Judy H. Wright—Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Hello from beautiful Montana,

Hurrah for personal narratives. That is the way we discover we are more alike than different.

Thanks so much for sharing these venues.

Keep writing and I will keep reading.

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Wow, just last night in my Intenders for the Highest Good group the moderator said the same thing "Own Your Own Crap" It is important to see what part we play in the situations that are causing us discomfort or pain in our life.

Sometimes hard to do, but easy to solve problems when we recognize our part in the situation.

Judy Helm Wright-Historian/Author/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Thanks for an interesting read. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

I am often appalled at my Christian friends who profess to follow Christ and yet are so judgmental and sometimes cruel. Very little of the universal love that is missing in the world.

Thanks again,

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Hello fro, beautiful Montana, How very true.

I had been alcohol free for a year (this time) when I was offered a glass of wine at a dinner. It seemed so "right" to relax with good food, friends and flavors. However, one or two glasses and then the psychological craving took over.

I rationalized twice during the week. I got so sick that it was horrible.

I am back to choosing alcohol free for life. And to always remember the relationship is not a good one for me. It does not, and never will, serve my highest good.

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Hello from beautiful Montana, Thanks so much for this informative article. we have a great grandson who is non-verbal and is the smartest and most loving kid I know. He communicates in other ways and we have gained an understanding of what he wants.

Keep writing and I will keep reading.

It is good to connect with like-minded colleagues who want the best for all. Good luck with your personal and professional work. Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

Judy H. Wright—Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

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